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Devoted readers, several friends in the Blogosphere have drawn my attention to Asaf. Asaf needs a new kidney. The basic requirements are:

The first step to being a kidney donor is to be in perfect health. The second step is to have a compatible blood type. Asaf has a blood type of B negative.  That means that possible donors are people with B or O  blood.  We recently learned that Rh factor is not an issue in donor transplants, and that should make our search somewhat easier.  B- is one of the rarer blood types, occurring in only %2 of the general population.  B+ is a bit better at %9.

Please pass along a link to my blog, or to Asaf’s father’s blog (above) or Gila’s post, or RivkA’s, and let’s get the word out. The Blogosphere can work wonders for people and there IS a live donor kidney out there that can save Asaf’s life.

I believe that there is a General Manager who runs this world, and created everything in it. the Internet is a G-d-given tool, and used properly we can be partners in miracles!

May we all merit good health!



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