Chayim Zvi is our fourth child and second son. He was 8 in November 2007 (Kislev 5768) and is a brother to Elisheva, Akiva, Shira Rina and Moriyah. He is in 4th grade at Ma’aleh Hatorah elementary school in Ma’aleh Adumim. Chayim Zvi loves martial arts, basketball, computer games, board games, math and of course his GameBoy (Thanks Aunt Aviva!).

Last April (2008) Chayim Zvi got hit by a car, and it was the best thing that ever happened to him in his life. Before you write us off as crazy, please understand. Because of the car accident, he had a CT scan on his skull, and because of THAT they discovered that he had a brain tumor.

We created this blog to keep people up-to-date about Chayim Zvi’s medical condition once we found out about the brain tumor. It has turned into something of a family chronicle.

We hope you enjoy sharing our story.



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  1. B”H
    Dear Devra :

    Gam zu le tova ! You discovered the greatest treasure Hashem gave to us – Emuna Sleimah !
    I just felt “real” emunah in my heart not too long ago, just last week. It is a different world…it is a world of trust, peace, truth, security and having a deep connection with Hashem.
    Tell your beloved son that Hashem will be personally present inside the Surgery Room tomorrow morning… He will be working trough the hands of the doctors.
    He will be holding you, your husband and all the other children at the same time…just to make you feel His presence ! Hakol iyieh tov ! AMEN !
    What a marvellous Father we have ! I have no idea how worthy I am…but you may count on my prayers too.
    By the way, I will be visiting Rabbi Bar Yochai’s kever tomorrow morning and be sure a petek will be left at his place.
    Na Nag Nachma Nachman me Uman! Repeat these words with kavanah tomorrow morning.

    Shalom u beracha.


  2. Devra,
    You won’t believe this but I JUST read your email of May 19th about Chayim Zvi–I had NO IDEA. All I can say is THANK G-D he was not seriously injured from the car accident, and that they found the tumor in time.
    This really sounds mi-Shamayim to me!
    I will add Chayim Zvi’s name to my Tehillim list.
    May he have a speedy refu’ah shelemah, AMEN, KEN YEHI RATZON.
    Kol tuv,

  3. Aizeh tov Hashem, aizeh tov Hashem!
    Tachshov tov, yehieh tov, Hashem ohev otcha!

    That album sums it all up.

    Praying for you and all of Am Yisrael.

    Love ya, Lady.

  4. Devra and Gidon,

    I am so thankful to hear the good report regarding the outcome of the surgery and biopsy. When Gidon sent me a text message on 15 May regarding Chayim Zvi’s upcoming surgery, I immediately began to pray that very afternoon in Chicago. G-d is faithul and hears our prayers.

    My youngest son Benjamin Caleb (6) had a serious kidney illness from March to July 2007 before finally having surgery in September 2007. I began praying for the team of doctors in July 2007 when we got the diagnosis and were informed of what course of action was necessary to correct the kidney condition. As a Daddy, I was afraid and had to place my precious son in G-d’s hands and trust G-d to guide the doctors performing the surgery.

    I prayed for the two of you as Wife and Husband for G-d to give you peace of mind and for G-d to guide the hands of the surgeon performing Chayim Zvi’s surgery. When Gidon sent me that message on 15 May 2008, I had tears in my eyes as I began to pray for your precious son. As Gidon knows, I shared Chayim Zvi’s surgery with some close friends from several churches including two pastors, who have spent much time in Israel.

    I prayed for your son, as if he were my own son. I found praying for your son to be both a privilege and a blessing. I have always been committed to a strong prayer life. And in those moments where prayer is so necessary, I always see the hand of G-d reminding me to pray. Just about an hour before Chayim Zvi’s scheduled time for surgery, I awoke from my sleep in the middle of the night in Chicago and was prompted to pray for him.

    And as Gidon is aware, I remain in steadfast daily prayer for my family and two precious sons at a time where my faith in G-d has been stretched to its finite limits; however, my faith in G-d has not faltered during this period of tremendous testing and trial. The faithfulness of G-d is consistently demonstrated in so many ways in my life during this storm where I cry out to G-d with the intensity of Hannah’s prayer to G-d (1 Samuel 1:16).

    I will keep your son in my prayers during the course of his recovery. Please give your son a big hug from me and let him know a Daddy with two sons (Alexander Joshua is 9) in Chicago knows the power of prayer to G-d, as he prays for his own precious boys.

    I look forward to meeting your family at some point during a future trip to Israel; I pray to G-d that day comes soon, as both of my boys want to go to Israel. They know their Daddy has been to Israel and does work within the Jewish community.

    May G-d bless your family, Devra and Gidon.


    Eric Voogd
    US Midwest Regional Coordinator for Israel Always
    US Advisory Board Member and Liaison for the ICEJ

  5. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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