Gidon’s Concession Message

November 20, 2008 at 3:48 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Dear Friends,

After months of campaigning for a seat on the Maale Adumim City Council, I would like to thank all my supporters.

In the elections held yesterday, the Tovah HaAretz MA list did not reach the threshold to gain a seat in the council.

Running on a platform of western-style representational democracy and personal accountability, I was hoping to bring these values to the Maale Adumim City Council, and especially to Mitzpe Nevo, Klei Shir, and the native English speaking community in our city.

Evidently, the experience of the other parties in elections as well as the platforms which they highlighted were more attractive to voters than ours, and Maale Adumim will continue to have a nearly identical party makeup in the council.

I congratulate my opponents upon their victory, and am confident that they will all serve Maale Adumim with integrity and the interests of all residents in mind.

As I declared before the election, I believe that the candidates of all parties were sincere when they expressed their hope to serve with me on the Council, and my disappointment over not working with each of them is second only to that over not being able to serve the community in the capacity of councilman.

However, I remain motivated to continue serving our community as a community activist. I invite all residents who want to work with me on community projects to be in touch, so we can continue the grass-roots activities of Maale Adumim until the next election, when please G-d bli neder I will run again.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize publicly to anyone who felt slighted or hurt by me during our campaign.

I would also like to profusely thank all of my supporters who helped in the campaign. I refrain from naming names here to keep this message less than a mile long. I must, however, mention my colleagues on our Tovah HaAretz list, namely Alice Eigner, Roi Biton, Gidon Charlap, Zeev Orenstein, and Yonatan Adar. Although I initially recruited these five people to fulfill a bureaucratic requirement, I was time and again impressed by each of their contributions to the campaign. I also must mention Amitai Cohen, who advised me on my odyssey, and Shai Cohen, who stepped in during the last week to work “the shetach.” I appreciate the efforts of all my supporters who did so much for our campaign. I would especially like to thank my wife Devra, who has supported my political habit from the day we met, and continues to put up with things that should by right find me locked out (or locked up:-).

Finally, I give thanks to Hakadosh Baruch Hu, for instilling within me the yearning to serve him and His people with love. I pray that I will be able to continue to do so for many, many years.

Gidon Ariel
Tova Haaretz Meod Meod


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  1. Great speech – makes me wish I lived in Maale Adumim so that I could vote for you.


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