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Yesterday we went for the follow-up MRI. We went by bus and took our youngest with us. The bigger kids all were busy so insteady of making it a family outing, it was just the little kids and us.

We like to travel in Israel, even if we know the road well. Bus from Ma’aleh Adumim to Jerusalem, and then another bus to Tel Aviv. The trip to Tel Aviv is especially nice, with the green fields, and the forests as you come down from Jerusalem. we have a beautiful country and we love to travel in it.

The traffic was really heavy, so the ride took about 90 minutes instead of the usual 55. We were late. Instead of walking from the bus station to the hospital we took a cab. In the end we could have walked, because as we should have expected, there were delays at the MRI clinic as well.  Just as well we took the cab since it was hot, and Chayim Zvi was fasting. But the area around Ichilov is just beautiful, a mix of old and new buildings. Houses and apartments, trees, flowers and everything so clean.

Chayim Zvi went in at about 6 pm, about an hour late. They do the MRI with anesthesia, so as I said he had to fast beforehand, but he more or less took that in stride. He’s an old pro at fasting already. Coming out of the anesthesia he was pretty nauseated. Once he nibbled a potato chip he immediately began to feel better. Salt is great for beating nausea. So is lemon. Oil and fatty foods are not good, so next time (and there WILL be many next times because he’ll need follow-up for years) we will bring pretzels – less fat than chips so they should help even more – and lemonade or lemon-flavored water.
Then it was off to the local mall to our favorite eatery. Seems like every time we’ve gone to the hospital we’ve eaten there. Pasta, pizza, salad, and ice cream. Who could want more?

And the results? Well. We don’t know. They gave us a new CD but kept our old one for the radiologist to use for comparison. We have to make an appointment with Dr. Constantini and I suppose he’ll tell us.

School starts next week and Chayim Zvi seems to be ready. He’s not thrilled to go back, but he doesn’t seem to be offering any resistance. As is common here in Israel, his main classroom teachers will continue with the class (and the classes are not remixed – he’s with more or less the same boys he’s been with since first grade).

We still have not heard from the physical therapist as to when he can start. I’m guessing that by the time they call us he just won’t need it any more.



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