Today’s Dr’s Visit

August 7, 2008 at 2:07 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Today we saw Dr. Glick again. Dr. Glick is a neurologist, and the head of the Jerusalem Childhood Development Center of our sick fund (kupat cholim). We last saw Dr. Glick on our long day. For this follow-up visit we thought we would have seen the physical therapist. This didn’t happen. Dr. Glick is really amazing. I could see how he has worked on improving himself  (no he is not religious). He was annoyed but he overcame his annoyance and immediately began looking for the good in the whole thing.

Chayim Zvi still limps. This was disturbing to Dr. Glick, who could not see any reason for it. But he wanted CZ to be examined by an orthopedist. He was not satisfied with the report from our last orthopedist visit (last week) who said that the x-rays look fine and we could start trying to schedule the outpatient surgery to remove the pins in his legs. Dr. Glick went back and forth and in the end told us we didn’t need physical therapy. But before we could gather ourselves together he came back with the chief physical therapist at the center. She and another therapist examined Chayim Zvi and decided that one specific muscle seems to be weak as a result of the break, and he WILL need PT. They gave us some exercises for him to do every day and we have the green light for summer camp.

Dr. Glick emphasized that CZ should take it easy at camp, not be pushed, but he can go. That’s the most important thing. We will speak to his counselor and explain everything.

Chayim Zvi feels good and he’s looking forward to camp. We went to Haifa earlier this week for a day’s trip (Devra, Akiva, Shira Rina, Chayim Zvi and Moriyah). It was a great day and everyone enjoyed themselves even though Chayim Zvi was totally exhausted by the time we got home. You can see photos of our day out here.

Thank G-d things are returning to a semblance of normal (whatever THAT means).



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