No News is Good News, I Guess

July 27, 2008 at 12:10 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Since the last post there’s nothing to report. No visits to any doctors (unless you count seeing our next-door-neighbor). No physical therapy (because we are waiting for the call telling us when the appointment is).

Chayim Zvi is doing great. He’s not “all better” — whatever THAT means. He can’t run. He barely limps, unless he’s tired. Last week we spent the day at the zoo and he walked the whole time. But BOY was he tired by the end. On Friday he decided to go bike riding but very quickly decided to limit it to riding around the big open area in the entrance to our apartment building. He got a new basketball, but he hasn’t taken it to the courts yet – only to our backyard.

He’s feeling good and is excited to start camp on August 11th. We won’t know for certain if he can even go until we see Dr. Glick, the neurologist, on August 7th. For his sake, I hope he can go. Even he is beginning to understand that his life cannot totally revolve around the gameboy and the laptop (games and movies). 🙂

In the meantime, we are sliding through the summer and school is approaching faster than we like to think. Chayim Zvi’s school year will probably open August 31st (as will Shira Rina’s). Akiva and Moriyah will start September 1st. We don’t know yet when Elisheva’s program will begin. So everyone is doing their thing and they seem to be enjoying summer vacation. The parents will be happy when everyone is back in school. 😉



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  1. טוב מאוד חיים צבי

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