Been a Long Day

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Today I took Chayim Zvi to Dr. Constantini by myself. Gidon was dealing with all kinds of issues with getting his dad settled at the local geriatric hospital. Dad is doing great, really blossoming, and improving. It’s wonderful. But it meant that CZ and I went by bus all the way to Ichilov. Now I actually like travel by bus, but Chayim Zvi prefers cars. Anyway – that was the situation so that’s what we did.

The important stuff. Dr. Constantini still believes that Chayim Zvi has some ataxia. Since our sick fund had denied our request for rehab at Alyn, he phoned up the head doctor at the Childhood Development department of our sick fund – who happens to be a friend and colleague. Dr. Glick kindly agreed to see us today, and Dr. Constantini said that he would accept whatever Dr. Glick would recommend. Dr. C also told us to schedule the follow-up MRI for the end of August and that he would see us again only after the follow up MRI. He sent us to make the appointment at the MRI clinic at Ichilov.

After giving in our information at the Wohl MRI Clinic (they will call us to tell us when our appointment is), we went off the to mall for our now-traditional lunch. CZ had pasta and ice cream, and I had a salad. Then we went back to catch the bus home.

Our original plan had been to run a few errands in Jerusalem and then go home, but now we needed to stay in town for the 5 pm appointment with Dr. Glick. So we bought some nice pull-over shirts for my father-in-law, and took care of a few other little things. We stopped for cake and coffee (well, CZ had orange juice) and then got to the clinic 30 minutes early. In the meantime, because we had gone to Tel Aviv without the medical file, and without Chayim Zvi’s sick fund magnetic card, our son Akiva met us to bring us all those things.

Dr. Glick gave Chayim Zvi a thorough examination and decided that in fact there is some ataxia that he says is related to the brain surgery. Chayim Zvi is completely unable to walk heel to toe. There is no doubt that some of his trouble walking is due to the traffic accident, but some of it has to do with the brain surgery. However Dr. Glick did not believe that we should have to go to Alyn. We can go to the center for Childhood Development that is in Ma’aleh Adumim and get PT there. He did all the paperwork and they will call us to set up the appointment. He wants Chayim Zvi to ditch the wheelchair altogether. We have another appointment with him in a month, just a few short days before CZ is supposed to start camp, so we will see if he can participate at all or even in a limited way.

Dr. Glick, who does not wear a kippah (skullcap – which would indicate that he is religious), was astounded by the whole story. He told us that we benefitted from a miracle, that the driver of the car was a messenger sent from G-d, and other appreciative noises about G-d’s influence in the world. He also made a point of saying how much he appreciated our attitude. All-in-all it was a very positive experience. But BOY what a long day.

We left at 8:50 in the morning, barely making the bus to Jerusalem, and we were home at 7:15 at night! I’m bushed, so I’ll wind up here.



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