To Rehab or Not To Rehab. Kupat Cholim Says No

June 30, 2008 at 7:28 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

So Gidon left Saturday night for Florida, to bring his dad home to Israel (my father-in-law lived here as a young man). Tomorrow, July 1st, Chayim Zvi was supposed to go to Alyn Orthopedic Hospital for evaluation regarding rehabilitation. Today I call up our sick fund (shouldn’t it be well fund?) to see if the fund would cover the costs. And they told me our request was DENIED! I couldn’t believe it. The world-famous professor Shlomi Constantini said that Chayim Zvi needs rehab and some petty bureaucrat had the, well, chutzpah to say that Chayim Zvi DOESN’T need it? I was stunned. First, I panicked. I shot off an email to Gidon in all caps, praying he’d see it. Then I realized that was useless. I had to make a decision. I call Alyn. How much does it cost? About 1000 shekels (about $300) a visit. OK, we’re not going private in the hopes that we can appeal the fund’s decision. So I wrote to Professor Constantini. The man ALWAYS answers his emails. He’s amazing, have I mentioned that? I described how Chayim Zvi has really started walking since our last visit, and maybe we could just not do rehab? Dr. C said that we should  find a good physiotherapist who has a good connection with Chayim Zvi. We can do that, and in Ma’aleh Adumim! Yay. Problem solved and now I don’t have a miss a day of work to schlep Chayim Zvi to Alyn tomorrow. Double yay.

Chayim Zvi clearly needs time or PT or both. He doesn’t walk well, and he gets tired easily. But he’s got a real fighting spirit. We hope that by mid August he’ll be ready for camp.



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