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June 23, 2008 at 10:24 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

So. Chayim Zvi’s jaw is fine. The OMF says that they should come back in 6 months if and only if he has problems. Yay! One less regular doctor’s visit.

Yesterday we saw Dr. Constantini who said that Chayim Zvi needs a little bit of rehab, but can do it as day visits. So we have to organize that. Fortunately, Dr. C was agreeable about doing it at Alyn – which is in Jerusalem – instead of at Tel Hashomer – which is on the coast. We also like Alyn because we regularly sponsor (help sponsor, a little bit) a rider or two in the annual Alyn Bike Ride.

Wednesday we see the orthopedist and will tell him that CZ is going to Alyn for rehab – he might have input or he might tell us it’s not necessary or anything in between.

CZ in the meanwhile is using his leg more and more, though he really needs the support of the walker. He is NOT enjoying the fact that with his increased mobility we expect him to get out of bed instead of being waited on, and we expect him to help out in the house a little bit. Ah well, it’s good to be moving towards normalcy. 🙂

Gidon will, G-d willing, be leaving for the US late Saturday night to bring his dad back to Israel before the following Shabbat (to arrive on Friday). We have a place for him in the local geriatric hospital (see previous post) and we are very excited. While we feel like we need to move Dad as soon as possible, G-d runs everything, including the airlines. YOU might think that no one is travelling, but all the business class seats were booked for a return this week and Dad MUST fly business because he has to be moved frequently. As wel all know, you can’t move much or well in coach. 🙂

Gidon has been asked to speak about traffic safety this week at a local elementary school. (Remember? Chayim Zvi was in a car accident?) That should be interesting and we’ll see how it’s received. We drove past the accident site yesterday and were pleased to see the safety improvements there.

More to come as we see the orthopedist on Wednesday, and as we work out the rehab schedule.



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