Incremental Progress

June 16, 2008 at 9:43 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

We haven’t been posting because there’s nothing dramatic to post. Each day, Chayim Zvi is sitting up a bit longer. This past Shabbat he decided that he could move around. He had already moved from the sofa to a chair next to the sofa and back (good thing we have a small living room – that small movement brought him to the table for lunch). On Shabbat he decided that he can move across the floor on his bottom. So he scoots around. He prefers to sit on a cushion but it’s not critical. He will also rest his left foot on his right, and sort of wiggle his way – first moving his toes to the side, then his heel. So his balance seems OK (though he does this movement holding on to something).

This week he only sees the OMF team about his jaw – probably xrays and verification that it’s healing properly. His jaw bothers him not at all.

Next Sunday (the 22nd of June) he sees Dr. Constantini again. Both parents will join him for that one, G-d willing. Monday he has his first physical therapy appointment. Wednesday he’ll see the orthopedist.

Things must be getting easier, because we are now in the process of figuring out how to bring Gidon’s father over from America to the fabulous facility we have right here in Ma’aleh Adumim.  Hod Adumim has been around a few years, and was recently purchased by the respected “Amal” geriatric care company. We are friends with one of the head nurses there, and are confident that Hod Adumim will meet Gidon’s dad’s needs. It’s just a matter of getting him here – which is not simple. Ah well, we are grateful for challenges, especially ones like these. Our kids would be thrilled to have a grandparent so close by, and we’re also excited about the opportunities provided by having Gidon’s dad so close.

The Israeli elementary school year ends June 30th, so we don’t expect Chayim Zvi to go back to school this year. We are hoping to see him attend Adirim day camp in August. It will be his third summer, G-d willing.

Please continue to pray for Chayim Zvi! And thanks for all your caring and concern.



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