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It’s all about waiting.

Sunday it was about waiting for Chayim Zvi’s turn to get his stitches out. He and Gidon travelled to Tel Aviv on Sunday morning (and Gidon will have to blog about that – it was a very interesting day). When they got to the Pediatric Neurosurgery department there were two other families waiting. Chayim Zvi was happy to see his friend Danny, the friendly and happy little boy who shared our room for a few days (and his parents gave Chayim Zvi a present when they left the hospital). Danny was thrilled to see Chayim Zvi. So the waiting wasn’t TOO bad, except that Danny was first, and Chayim Zvi was third.

Dr. Souash took out the stitches and it wasn’t a big deal. Chayim Zvi is understandably curious about the incision site. It’s long and lumpy, even without the stitches. And he can’t see it. 🙂

Over the Shavuot holiday Chayim Zvi sat up much or most of the time. He even spent some time hanging out with all the little kids in the open area under our building (it’s outside) – sitting in his wheelchair. He even wheeled himself around. But he still will not put weight on the leg so he’s dependent on us for everything. This is Just Fine.

We go back to Dr. Constantini in about a week and will have more of an update then, I hope.

In the meantime we are praying for patience and rejoicing over each tiny accomplishment. People are still coming up to us, astounded by and astonished with our amazing story. G-d is GOOD!



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