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They stapled his head.

Oh. I don’t mean how they closed the incision from the surgery. I mean he had about 10 staples in pairs around his head. What were they for? They didn’t close anything. Apparently they had to do with how they positioned him for the surgery. Since he had to be face down for the surgery, and completely immobile, they somehow affixed him to a special support. They put staples in his head.

The staples looked really, well, strange. I mean, who puts staples in his head?

Yesterday (Thursday) we drove to Tel Aviv and they removed the staples. It took a few seconds and didn’t hurt at all. They are all under his hair line so you can’t see them. Dr. Xiao was going to remove the stiches too, but the team decided that 10 days post surgery was too soon. “Come back Sunday.”

Then we waited to see Dr. Constantini. He was very satisfied with CZ’s progress. CZ wanted to know why he sometimes throws up all of a sudden (as he did after he got out of the car and into his wheelchair to go up to Dr. C’s office). Dr. Constantini explained that the area of the surgery is near the “throw up center” of the brain, so it is sensitive. Gidon quipped, “So while you were in there, why didn’t you just take it out?” Ha!

For the next two weeks Chayim Zvi is to continue to take things easy, not push himself, not start physical therapy. He can do almost anything he wants – the operative word being “wants”. He’s not allowed to swim or go in the sea, but he can certainly shower. 🙂

We have to be patient. He’s doing just fine.

Shabbat Shalom to all, and a happy Shavuot holiday.



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