S-L-O-W then FAST

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I (Devra) was at the hospital from Thursday midday until about 9:30 Saturday night. I had warned Chayim Zvi that Thursday he would have to make some effort, and in fact he did sit up in the wheelchair for a few seconds, and inched his way up the raised end of the bed a few times. He was also able to move from one side of the bed to the other, but definitely preferred keeping his head turned to his left.

We were getting conflicting instructions from the physical therapist, the nurses and the neurosurgery team. Don’t push him. Do push him. He must sit up. He should try to sit up but don’t worry if he doesn’t. Move very very very slowly. Don’t rush. He’s doing fine, making great progress. If he doesn’t sit up it’ll be much harder later. And of course – let him eat and drink whatever he wants. Don’t force him. He MUST drink or we’ll hook him up to the IV again. (They disconnected him from the IV either Thursday afternoon or Friday morning – I already don’t remember.)

Each day he ate a bit more. Salad with white spreading cheese and salt. A little oatmeal. A bit of cake. He drank well.

So Thursday we got him to move, but Friday. Well. Friday morning I tried to get him to roll onto his back. He absolutely refused so I said I’m come help him. He protested and l started to move him and whoops! There went lunch. 😦 So the rest of Friday I left him alone. He spent most of the day on his stomach, sulking. I read to him all day long – that was the only thing he seemed to tolerate.

Friday afternoon Gidon arrived. Our adorable little roommate got to go home. His parents even bought Chayim Zvi a book! (It’s Hebrew Book Week here and books are on sale all over.) We missed Danny’s bright smile and chatter, but were happy for his family. Our dear friend Gila was ready for me to sleep/shower at her place but in the end we had the room to ourselves for most of Shabbat so both Gidon and I stayed at the hospital. On Shabbat Chayim Zvi actually played some games, we read some more, his mood improved. But then the shift changed and the nurses came in as a group – like crows of doom – He must sit up 90 degrees or he is going to accumulate fluid in his lungs and get pneumonia! Sit him up! Chayim Zvi was most reluctant but we got him to agree to try. Very very slowly, over about 30 minutes, we got the back of the bed almost straight up, but CZ was on his side and not happy at all. Gidon kept trying to encourage him to sit properly, with his back against the bed. CZ wasn’t willing. Finally we called the nurses and asked if it was good enough. They were very pleased and told us that as long as he’s trying that’s fine. He DOESN’T have to be at 90 degrees. Grr!

CZ was so miserable from that experience that he sulked for at least an hour after we finally put the bed down again. Neighbors who were in Tel Aviv for Shabbat came by with their son who is in CZ’s grade (but not class) at school. Chayim Zvi was still sulking and was mister stone face. The father is  a physical therapist and tried to cajole CZ into sitting higher but CZ was not interested.

Later he relaxed and I “forced” him to play a few different games with me. The doctors on Friday had already asked that he shower and wash his hair (bandage is off) but Gidon needs to do that and it just didn’t happen – not Friday and not Saturday night. When I left it seemed like we’d be at the hospital another few days.

Then this morning I was trying to work out more internet problems – again I was unable to log on. Time on the phone and now thank G-d I can blog.

At 7 am the doctors came around and Gidon was barely awake. He was able to understand that as soon as Chayim Zvi could get himself around under his own steam we could go home. I asked Gidon to get a clear roadmap of milestones to reach along the way of that ultimate goal that would give us a work plan. (Can you tell I work in quality assurance in high-tech?) The next thing I knew Gidon was calling saying that they are coming home today. Ack! I’m not ready!

OK so now I just spoke with Dr. Constantini and he said that he’s not 100% sure he wants to release him. He’ll either come home today or tomorrow. CZ is getting around with his walker somewhat, but still not as well as they’d like. We’ll have to see. In the meantime I’m not running off to Tel Aviv and we’ll have to keep waiting.

Every day and its challenges!



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