A Tiring Coupla Days

May 30, 2008 at 12:03 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Wednesday night was a QUIET night.

I (Gidon) was on call at CZ’s right. I managed to get into bed at around 9PM (!!) AFTER CZ had fallen asleep (!!!)

And I woke up late for the 7:15 minyan at the hospital, and CZ was STILL ASLEEP!

And he had only woken up once during the night, about 4:30, to tell me that he had to go to the bathroom! (something that he doesn’t usually bother announcing, if you know what I mean..)

Anyway, he kept on sleeping most of the day. At least he looked like he was sleeping. Most of the doctors and nurses wanted him to move around, even walk around, and to eat, and he basically did neither all day. Towards evening, after much urging, he evidently was convinced that doing those might raise the chances of him Going Home earlier, so he sat in his wheelchair a minute (37 seconds, to be exact), and ate a few spoonfuls of oatmeal.

He actually hardly threw up today if at all. So he probably will do more good things tomorrow, more confident that he won’t throw up.

SO, tomorrow Devra and I will spend Shabbat with him in the hospital, each of the other kids has farmed themselves out for Shabbat meals, our friend Paula (who visited today and left a lovely game for CZ) will have them all for lunch (Thanks Paula).

And then, h-o-p-e-f-u-l-l-y, CZ will be released from the hospital on Sunday!

I specifically did not say “go home on Sunday,” as we might go to Alyn for a while first for some physiotherapy or something. But more about that bridge when we ask directions to it (how’s that for a mixed up metaphor?)



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  1. Please please tell CZ that I am so impressed at his tenacity, and grateful to “hear” it. Much love and good Shabbos, Rachel

  2. Devra and Gidon — thanks so much for these updates. Refuah Shelayma!!!

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