So Far So Good

May 27, 2008 at 11:15 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

(Written by Devra Monday night May 26)

I’ve got to get to sleep but thank G-d the surgery was successful, Dr. Constantini believes he got the whole tumor. (Note: CT on Tuesday agrees) Early indications are that it is an astrocytoma which means it will not require further treatment if they got it all. The recovery will be a little hard at first. We won’t know if he needs rehabilitation until he’s recovered somewhat from the surgery. In 2-3 days we should know. Dr. C is very positive and the whole staff at Dana Children’s is great.

We’ve had some internet problems at home and no connection at the hospital.

Feel free to call our mobile phones. Remember Israel is 2 hours later than UTC, meaning 7 hours later than the US east coast. If we can’t talk, we won’t answer.

Devra 972-54-566-5038 or from Israel 054-566-5038
Gidon 972-54-566-5037 or from Israel 054-566-5037

I’ll be back at the hospital tomorrow, and Gidon is there tonight. I hope we can update the blog properly soon:

Please keep Chayim Zvi in your prayers.


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  1. Give him a huge kiss for all of us in Maale Adumim and tell him we are all thinking about him. Today in class, someone who never met him asked how he was doing and several said that they were all praying for his complete recovery. One person, a very nice British student of mine, told me that she’d received an email from someone in Florida and recognized Chayim Zvi’s name – just a reminder what a small world it is – and how focused much of our little world is on this special boy we love!

    Oh, and at a meeting at the school – you and Gidon were discussed and all agreed what a huge fan club you have. Stay strong! We’re proud of you both – and Elisheva and Akiva and the others – and will do what we can to help!

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