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My company puts on a family Fun Day every year – choosing the notable day in the Jewish calendar: Lag Ba’omer. They rent an amusement park for employees and their families, including retired employees. It’s really a lovely day and the kids look forward to it all year.

Chayim Zvi has been waiting impatiently since the last fun day to ride the big roller coaster. We understood that he had to be at least 130 centimeters tall and we’ve been watching him grow all year. But now, with the tumor, we were told that he should NOT go on the roller coaster. What to do? So we hoped that the orthopedist would nix it. No such luck. We didn’t want to frighten CZ by telling him that because of the tumor he couldn’t go. He knows that he has to have something removed from his head, but he doesn’t seem to realize that a tumor is something to worry about. That’s fine with us.

So the orthopedist had no problem with him going on the roller coaster. What to do? I prayed. And we were answered. I went on the roller coaster with Shira Rina (our 3rd child, who just turned 10) and they asked her how old she is. When she said “10” they measured her. She made it by a couple of centimeters. I asked the person running the ride if they are strict about the age and he said that they are. Problem solved. This ride is for 10 years and up! So we didn’t have to frighten him, and we didn’t have to lie to him.

We had a marvelous day, didn’t take enough photos, and rode lots of rides. Chayim Zvi liked the water rides and somehow just never went on the bumper cars — another ride that had me concerned. He wanted to go on them, but somehow never did.

We’re already looking forward to next year!



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