Saturday Night at the Doctor

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On Saturday night, we got word that we could see Dr. Shlomo Constantini, head of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv (Curriculum Vitae: here), for a second opinion. We rushed out. We returned home at about 1 am Saturday night.

Dr. Constantini is considered THE man for pediatric brain tumors. The short story is, surgery is scheduled for a week from tomorrow (Monday, 26 May 2008) at Ichilov.

The tumor well-placed for successful removal. Professor Constantini is very confident that it can be removed completely. We are deeply grateful that G-d arranged things to allow us to see Dr. Constantini, and see him so quickly. We are further grateful to G-d that we can have this surgery with this excellent team and it is all covered by our regular health insurance.

Of course my employer, NDS, is incredibly supportive as a company – not to mention our many friends here.

And we must also continuously thank our friends, the Sherers, for “sher”ing their experience and helping out as well as our next door neighbors, particularly Dr. Reuven (Rich) Dressler, who are standing by us (together with the rest of our community). Rich not only agreed to accompany us to Dr. Constantini, he drove. And he got home at 1 in the morning when he had a 7 am meeting the next day.


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