Introducing Chayim Zvi Ariel!

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Dear Family and Friends,

As you may know, Chayim Zvi was hit by a car a few weeks before Pesach. He is doing very well, and we wanted to update you about him.

Baruch Hashem, he is recuperating very well from his broken leg and jaw, much faster than the doctors can hardly keep up with him. Just yesterday he basically pulled the metal parts that we thought would need a small surgery to take out right out of his mouth by himself! We went right to Hadassah and the doctor on shift finished the job and welcomed him to the jaw surgeon club:-)

Now we’re waiting for the orthopedic checkup, and expect the doctor to allow him to walk on his bad leg (he’s been hopping around faster than most of us can run till now!)

However, we were in for a surprise when we went back for what we thought was going to be a routine checkup on Tuesday May 13 at the neurologist. Dr. Margolin told us matter-of-factly that during the CT and MRI that Chayim Zvi had (standard procedure for car accidents involving possible head injury), a small “unexpected visitor” was discovered just between the inner surface of his skull and his brain. He didn’t even mention the C word, and we understand it is pretty much a brain pimple:-)

So they are going to go in and take it out.

This is probably one of the easiest types of brain surgery there is, and we are lucky to have the world class expert specialists at Hadassah do it as they have before hundreds of times.

He might come home a week after the operation, but will probably spend a week or so in Alyn for rehabilitation, to make sure his balance is ok. (We expect him to give the nurses a workout keeping up with him…)

Once again, we see clearly and quickly how God works and how everything is for the best. If we hadn’t gone through that car accident, we never would have discovered this!

We are so grateful to G-d that this was discovered so early, and before Chayim Zvi began to show any symptoms!

So, keep praying for Chayim Zvi ben Henye Devorah, and we’ll keep you posted!

Devra, Gidon, Chayim Zvi, and the gang

PS What can you do? Any thing you want not directly involving us (daven, tehillim, happy thoughts, etc). Please read about the latest at and comment there. If you want to come to our house and give an hour or two of housework or helping Gidon focus on his business tasks (and maybe do some) (this can also be done remotely) that would certainly be appreciated. And CZ says: “I’m just a regular kid [so you don’t have to ask me all the time how are you feeling].” Thank you!!!!


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